Empowering the Future of Human/Machine Interaction

Data is everywhere! In order to remain competitive, businesses need the ability aggregate and analyze existing data while capturing new information in real-time. However, making sense of this surfeit of information requires specialized tools and expertise beyond the capabilities of most organizations. With our extensive background in machine learning, procedural content generation, and data visualization, Koan Designs helps companies understand their data and convert that information into value.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence that provides computers with the ability to learn and change, when presented with data, without being explicitly programmed. Find out how Koan Designs can save time, find hidden opportunities, and de-risk investments through our proprietary data analysis techniques.

Procedural Solutions

‘Procedural’ is an umbrella term for a number of techniques used to create computer graphics content from configurable rule sets, as opposed to crafting it by hand. Optimize your production pipeline through Koan Designs’ extensive procedural solutions experience.

Data Visualization

Data visualization helps businesses see and understand the patterns, trends, and correlations present in their data by organizing it in a visual, human-centered context. Koan Designs employs expertise in virtual reality, augmented reality, and real-time technology to turn your data into actionable insights.

The Koan Designs Team

The founders draw on their deep experience in the areas of applied mathematics, computer generated imagery, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and database engineering to improve the relationship between machines and human beings.

Bryn Wyka

With 18+ years of experience as a programmer, producer, and project manager, Bryn has worked on everything from satellite launches to the Space Station, to ground-breaking cgi-animated television series, to leading AAA video game franchises. Recently, as early adopters of Virtual Reality technology, Bryn and his team established the VR Lab at Electronic Arts.

Caleb Howard

Building on an education in the maths from the University of Waterloo, Caleb has applied that background to the various problems of visual understanding, synthesis, and presentation. Much of his experience in visualization has focused on the analysis and optimization of tools and workflows, and in the development of efficient pipelines for the rapid iterative development and presentation of visual models. Specializing in simulation of physical and behavioural systems since the late 80s, Caleb has developed an effective methodology for approaching complex problems with concise analysis, optimized simulation, and effective representation – in visual presentation, as well as in the more abstract area of semiotic representations within the field of machine learning. Caleb’s has worked as a researcher, mathematician, engineer, and artist producing visualizations for print publication, film, television, 3D-interactive, and VR/AR.

Mike Biddlecombe

As a veteran software engineer with a 25+ year career as programmer and technical director, Mike can draw on deep experience developing and debugging video game engines and the back-end tools required to support them. Mike has maintained his core focus on graphics hardware and pipelines while developing multiplayer game architectures and the distributed simulation systems.

Jay Reynolds
Jay Reynolds

With over 24 years of experience in the computer graphics industry, including work in feature film f/x, commercials, video games, and VR, Jay possesses extensive knowledge of CG workflows, production processes, and software development cycles. Jay also has expert knowledge of physically based rendering, look development, procedural texture synthesis, and real time lighting.

Adam Martinez

Adam cut his teeth building pipelines for CGI and commercial animation studios in advertising and television. Since then he has served as a creative and technical supervisor for several high profile projects, including the Academy Award winning Open Shading Language, and the LucasFilm MaterialX specification. Recently, Adam has been applying his knowledge of large scale data processing to the development of data engineering pipelines and machine learning systems in the industrial, healthcare, and entertainment spaces.

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